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About Us

BGRacing team is the formula student group of Ben-Gurion university which contains between 30-50 student coming from various departments such as business management and engineering.  

The team participate under the FSA Organization- An annual international competition which is organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE International) and open to engineering students from around the world, presenting their design and construction of commercially viable single-seat prototype racecars.

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BGR team was founded


FSAE Italy - 1th place among all new teams


FSAE Italy - 12th place 


FSAE Italy - 8th place

(the highest score an Israeli team has got so far!) 


FSA Italy - 'Driving the future award' by DRiV™.


The BGR team was founded in 2006 and by 2011 participated it's first competition in the FSA Italy. Since then, each year the team builds a new and completely original vehicle according to each competition handbooks.


In our first years, the team has focused mainly on combustion vehicles, and in the 2015 FSA the team reached to 8th place. In that same year, we have developed our first electric car (which didn't race then) and by 2016 it was fully competitive as well.


The team's last combustion car was built in 2017, and since then the group focus on electric vehicles, aiming to reach autonomous control in the near future.

In the 2019 FSA Italy, the BGR team won the "driving the future" honor award by Driv Inc. in the 15th edition Formula SAE Italy in 2019, the team won the "driving the future" honor award by DRiV™. Our team had stood out for reflecting the company's values: Integrity, teamwork, will to win and a vision to make tomorrow better.

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