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The Thunderbird

The Thunderbird vehicle is constructed with safety of the driver in mind, it includes a series of safety features such as Mechanical failure detections, Electrical Isolation breach detection and Batteries Monitoring systems, to ensure that the vehicle will stop in case of malfunction or in any case of danger to the driver.


Our physics

The Thunderbird has carbon fibre monocoque chassis with honeycomb filling made of nomex. additionally, we also use carbon fibre racks which connects directly to the wheel assembly.  The car is using gear transmission who transforms the power from our electric motor to the wheels.


Our Tractive system

The Emrax 207 which is consistent for an 80 n\m engine and our Elmo "gold drum" 800\100 inverters allows us to reach high programming flexibility and extended maneuvering option in calibrating the inverter.

*Our inverters also enable us higher accuracy due their ability to receive several sensors while the whole system is small and economical.

IMG_4333 (2).JPG

In order to make sure the system function in the best way, we are using an EatherCat- (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) – A communication method, which is suitable for both hard and soft real-time computing requirements in automation technology and provide highly accurate and efficient results.

Communication infrastructure

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